Catherine Fox

‘Catherine Fox is a startlingly good writer, teller of a riveting tale that is at once warm-hearted and cool-brained, funny and heart-aching. I could not stop reading her, and everyday longed to go to bed to read more.’ - Maggie Gee, novelist & Professor of Creative Writing, Bath Spa University

‘If you want to understand the Church of England in the twenty-first century – not just its official persona but its more elusive inner character – Catherine Fox is a reliable guide. Her colourful morality tales spare no one’s blushes, but she writes with accuracy and affection about an institution to which, despite its flaws, she is profoundly committed as a witness to faith, hope and love. Hugely enjoyable.’ - Michael Sadgrove, Former Dean of Durham

Who will be the next bishop of Lindchester? That’s what everyone’s been asking since bishop Paul Henderson resigned in haste and a whiff of scandal. Unseen Things Above rejoins our friends in the diocese as they address themselves to the labyrinthine process of appointing his replacement. 

When they aren’t arguing about love and marriage, that is. Should Jane renounce her feminist orthodoxy and wed the manly archdeacon? Could Father Ed defy the House of Bishops and marry Neil? And how many hearts will start atrembling when the gorgeous but volatile Freddie May returns to the Cathedral Close?

Come, dear reader, and clamber once again onto the liturgical roller coaster. Travel from Easter to Advent with bishops, archbishops, and all the company of Lindchester. Hang on to your hat as you’re whirled through ups and downs and twists of plot. There are unseen things above, all right. But if you manage to open your eyes, the view from the top is glorious.