Come in from the cold...

We were delighted to have had an intern with us this week - Gabby - who has been reading 'Winter Tales' by Kenneth Steven, one of our September releases.

Come in from the cold- ‘Winter Tales’ by Kenneth Steven

the snow and light are bigger, they are bigger than all of us together

This beautiful line is from the short story Lemon Ice Cream from Winter Tales by Kenneth Steven.

These stories are self-contained and all very different, taking the reader from Italy to New York, Scotland to the Western Front in just a few pages. The thing that unites them however, is in the power of the changing seasons and cold weather. These stories are poignant, beautifully written, and although they are all individual stories, they are all joined together by the deep impact that the season can have on human experience. The story that stands out to me the most is the first story, Cullen Skink. This is a presentation of a father’s grief for his son’s death in a fishing accident. As he does some cooking with his little grandson, Peter thinks about his son, and a true sense of love and hope comes from the trivial conversations he has with him. As the wind which killed his son whips around the house, Peter knows that he will always love his grandson and wants to protect him.

Moving from the devastation that nature can wreak on human life, Kenneth Steven invites us into his next story, Elmeness - filled with beautiful imagery about how the ‘year had started to crinkle’. There is something magical about seeing the autumn world through a little child’s eyes. The cold of the Winter can be felt throughout all of these tales, and although it deals with serious themes of death and war, there is a feeling of hope throughout many of the stories.

I would definitely recommend that you read these stories. Some are heartbreaking and some are uplifting. They will all give you some things to think about as the world starts to ‘crinkle’!

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