What did Abbot Peter do next?

Whilst much attention is rightly being given to the impending arrival of Realms of Glory, Simon Parke, one of MH's most prolific authors, has given us a sneak peek at what his much-loved clerical sleuth, and DI Tamsin Shah, got up to next...

The Stormhaven Etiquette Society, a secretive affair, unafraid to name and shame those who transgress.

Model Services, the town’s only brothel, a discreet but busy presence in Church Street.

Bybuckle Asylum, a desolate shell on the seafront that housed over 700 mental patients prior to the dubious dream of ‘care in the community’.

What brings these three together is a cold-blooded execution that both shocks and confounds. For lying dead in the empty asylum, tied to an old metal bed frame, is a pillar of the establishment.

Or is she?

Sleuthing couple DI Tamsin Shah and her cleric uncle, Abbot Peter, join forces once again to solve a murder mystery that reveals dark and difficult secrets from Abbot Peter’s long-forgotten student years.

‘Do we ever leave anything behind?’ he wonders as the killer swings the gun towards him.

The Indecent Death of a Madam is published on 21 September 2017 by Marylebone House

You can pre-order the paperback from Amazon now...

Simon's previous books with Marylebone House include A (Very) Public School Murder (the most recent Abbot Peter Mystery), and his first historical novel, The Soldier, the Gaoler, the Spy and Her Lover.

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