A Sneak Peek at Realms of Glory

The Marylebone House team is starting to get excited about the forthcoming novel from Catherine Fox, Realms of Glory.

Catherine writes:

How will it all end? Come, dear reader, and join with the good and the bad of the Diocese of Lindchester, as they navigate their way through the storms of 2016. What does the year hold in this best of times, this worst of times; this season of bake-offs and season of foodbanks; this Green spring of muscular theological hope and Lothlórien winter of hand-wringing theological despair? We will peep through many a stained glass window in pursuit of answers. Will the new bishop—dubbed Steve-angelical by his detractors—impose the evils of management upon the timeless beauty of Anglicanism? Will dean Marion collude with him? Will archdeacon Matt be the next bishop of Barcup – and what will Jane think of that? And will Freddie – more lovely than a summer’s day, though far less temperate – finally find love and happiness?

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