Get Ready for Realms of Glory

Here at Marylebone House the team is getting excited for the publication later this year of Catherine Fox's latest novel Realms of Glory. Catherine is in fact one of Marylebone House's most prolific authors, with five previous novels under her belt and on our shelves!

Realms of Glory is the third book in Catherine's 'Lindchester Chronicles', set in the fictional Church of England Diocese of Lindchester. The first two titles in the trilogy were 2014's Acts and Omissions, and 2015's Unseen Things Above. Both are available from Amazon and your local good bookstore, as well as in digital formats.

Prior to her fictional travels to Lindchester, Catherine wrote three previous novels, originally published in the last millennium but re-published recently under our Marylebone House imprint. The Benefits of Passion, Angels and Men, and Love for the Lost all

If you can't wait until the Summer for Catherine's novel, then we reckon a great amuse-bouche is to follow her on Twitter. We'd also love to connect with you there, if you haven't already found us.

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