Knowing Anna - A Book Review

Occasionally Marylebone House recieves unsolicited reviews of our books. This blog post is one of those.

6 different forms of grief. 9 days. 104 miles.

The “How to” for overcoming those first steps of grief when you’ve past the stage of condolence casseroles.

The sonata you need to ease your grief at every stage of life.

Overlaid with the dulcet tones of the psalms that act as a balm to the soul, ‘Knowing Anna’ brings the Camino de Santiago hundreds of miles across the globe to rural England where musician Anna Greene’s grieving family and friends recreate her pilgrimage, walking the Pilgrims’ way to Canterbury after her sudden death to Cancer.

Paul Coelho may have trekked the Camino in a search for self-discovery in “The Pilgrimage” and Martin Sheen’s “The Way” may have lain down the path to the Camino in pop culture, but Sarah Meyrick brings it home. This becomes your pilgrimage, your story. The biscuit tin image of England laid down in a post Richard Curtis England is superimposed with a tender and raw reality- Knowing Anna leaves you reeling for days. Told in the perspective of the seven people closest to Anna, Meyrick serenades us with the six distinctive and relatable voices that reverberate off of each other in other in a symphony that leaves you with an answer to your own pain and suffering and resonates long after you place this book on your shelf of prized reads.

An ode to the sentimentality of the 19th century Sternian traveller with a new found brevity and poise that gives the impression Meyrick truly has mastered the dreaded C word.

This book does not turn cancer into a battle.

It does not whittle it down to a journey and does not by any means try to metaphorize it.

It does not ask anything of you.

It simply listens and reflects.

A return to the elegant beauty of the written word, which corresponds with the simplicity of the silence that you will find yourself longing for after following this tale of a traditional pilgrimage in a modern world.

Knowing Anna is a debut novel by Sarah Meyrick. It is available now from just £2.99 on Kindle...

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