The Floating Body - Book Club Questions

Following on from our questions for other books by Kel Richards (The Country House Murders and The Sinister Student) we are delighted to share today a new blog post - book club discussion questions for The Floating Body!

These questions have been compiled by Kel himself, and could help shape an entertaining and stimulating discussion...

10 Questions on the Floating Body

- 1 -

Why is Tom school mastering? And how well do you think he is handling the role?

- 2 -

Do you recognise the school boy types we meet at Nesfield Cathedral schools? Do these types of students exist at every school?

- 3 -

Is it normal for school life to be characterised—for the students—by loyalties, rivalries, factions, schemes and plots?

- 4 -

In a small, closed society—such as a school—can emotions become too intense? Too overheated?

- 5 -

The headmaster at Nesfield Cathedral School is described as “the headmaster from central casting”—do people sometimes get promotions (or get jobs) because they look and sound right rather than because of their real abilities?

- 6 -

Every time Tom and Jack meet they engage in a “Great War” over a big idea—is this just a mental “game of chess” with ideas as the pieces? Or are they seriously wrestling with big issues?

- 7 -

This time their subject is human nature—good or evil. What is the best evidence to settle such a question? Personal experience? The pages of human history? The atrocities reported in the news? Or something else?

- 8 -

In his speech night talk Jack says there is a Natural Law against which all human behaviour can be judged—is he right?

- 9 -

Jack claims that in classical Christianity human nature is seen as being in need of rescuing, in need of redemption—what do you think of that concept?

- 10 -

The solution to the most puzzling mystery in this crime novel turns out to involve coincidence—is this acceptable in a crime story? Or should crime writers avoid glaring coincidence?

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