Winter is coming! What are you reading?

As the evenings grow darker, the days grow shorter, and the trees that poke in between buildings and hills change colour, thoughts start to turn to Winter. Winter is coming, it seems, as our heating comes on, gloves and scarves come out, and we start to change our outfits to cope with the bitter cold.

Marylebone House knows that there is nothing as timeless as the reading of books, but that the winter, where it is even-more-than-socially-acceptable to consume vast amounts of hot drinks or evening warmers, is a prime time for getting into a good story.

We are delighted, therefore, to be able to offer some epic discounts on the eBook versions of some of our best and most recent books:

A (Very) Public School Murder - Just £1.99 (Paperback £8.99)

Knowing Anna - Just £3.99 (Paperback £8.99)

The Well of the North Wind - Just £1.99 (Paperback £8.99)

Some of our older books, highlighted in our Summer Sale, are also subject to some nice digital discounts for the discerning reader. Catherine Fox writes whimsical and penetrating novels that draw the reader into the secret life of the Church of England, whilst Kel Richards riffs on the rhythms of life in C. S. Lewis, imagining what could have been had his career been that of a 1930's detective...

Catherine Fox

Acts and Omissions - Just £0.99 (Paperback £9.99)

The Benefits of Passion - Just £0.99 (Paperback £9.99)

Kel Richards - the 1930's Murder Mystery Series

The Corpse in the Cellar - Just £1.49 (Paperback £8.99)

The Country House Murders - Just £2.49 (Paperback £8.99)

The Floating Body - Just £3.59 (Paperback £8.99)

(The latest in this series, The Sinister Student, is also available now!)

What will you be reading in the warmer evenings and longer days of Autumn, now that winter is coming, and Christmas is just around the corner?

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