Syndicating Simon Parke...

Simon Parke, author of the Abbot Peter Murder Mysteries, and of the forthcoming The Soldier, the Gaoler, the Spy and her Lover, is also a prolific and accomplished blogger. We are thrilled that he is willing to let us syndicate some of his blog posts here at Marylebone House! We let Simon explain more...

It’s always a delight to find a new platform for my writing; which is why you’re reading this right now, right here.

Of course, Marylebone House and I already work together. They publish my Abbot Peter murder mysteries, and in February 2017, my historical fiction appears, ‘The soldier, the gaoler, the spy and her lover’, which describes the remarkable (and unbelievable) last year in the life of Charles 1st.

But I’m also a bit of a blogger, and so with my happy agreement, over the next weeks and months, MH are going to be cherry-picking blogs from my own site and re-producing them here.

You will engage with some pieces more than others; but I hope there’s always something here to ponder, to laugh with, to rage over or to feel.

Welcome to the ride.

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