Essays on Scottish Islands - Kenneth Steven on BBC Radio 3

Marylebone House is delighted that our author, and renowned poet (recent books include Letting in the Light) Kenneth Steven is giving a series of Essays on BBC Radio 3 this week. Live at 10:45 each evening, they will also be on the BBC iPlayer, and we will add links to this post as they become live.

Kenneth is exploring the mysterious and beautiful Scottish Islands in this week of essays, focusing each day on a different destination.

The first focused on Iona, the second on Hoy.

His recent novel for Marylebone House, The Well of the North Wind, draws on these themes of mystery, beauty and creation. Set in 6th Century Ireland, Kenneth paints a beautiful picture of the life of Fian, a five year old boy lost on this beautiful island. This lyrical, timeless story, which unfolds amidst the elemental beauty of one of the holiest places on earth, is an exploration of doubt, faith, and the brokenness of spirit that finally releases us into love.

We hope you are inspired by Kenneth's radio appearances - and would point you towards his novel and poetry if you'd like to keep that spark of mystery alive, and be beguiled by books that can transport you into a deeper story,

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