Marylebone House September 2016 Release

For September 2016, we are delighted to release a new novel in the gripping thriller series written by veteran Australian author Kel Richards.

'The Sinister Student' is the latest installment in the detecting adventures of C.S. 'Jack' Lewis.

Here are (other than Kel's recent brilliant explanation of Agatha Christie's influence!) the reasons why you should read it....

Appealing to Tolkien as well as Lewis enthusiasts, through the characterizations of these literary heroes, the ingenuity of the plot, and the witty and persuasive defence of Christian thinking woven throughout.

Tom Morris and an undergraduate named Auberon Willesden are attending a gathering of the Inklings. The following morning Willesden is found murdered in his room in Magdalen, though both the door and the windows were locked from the inside. And not only has he been murdered: he has been beheaded – and the head is missing! Who killed the student? And why? And, more baffling still – how was it done?

It’s a puzzle that will tax the brilliant ingenuity of Jack and his fellow Inklings to the limit.

You can pre-order 'The Sinister Student' on Amazon right now!

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