Welcome to Marylebone House: FAQ with Alison Barr

As Marylebone House's Publisher, Alison commissions all our books. You can read about her and the rest of the MH team on the page above. Here she answers some questions about Marylebone House:

1)What is Marylebone House?

It’s a new fiction list aiming to provide intelligent, compassionate writing about human experience. We trust our novels afford readers much pleasure; we hope they also offer elements that enthrall, perhaps leading to the contemplation of a more expansive world.

2) What sort of books can I expect to read from Marylebone House?

We publish powerful emotional and spiritual drama, historical fiction and clerical crime novels. Shusaku Endo’s literary masterpiece, Silence, is on our list, as is Catherine Fox’s Acts and Omissions, chosen by Diarmaid McCulloch as one of The Guardian's Best Books of 2014, and newcomer Sarah Meyrick’s, Knowing Anna, long-listed for the Not the Booker Prize 2016.

3)Why the name ‘Marylebone House’?

We have historic links with the Marylebone area, which is known for its literary connections, such as the original Daunt Books on the High Street and the much-visited home of the fictional Sherlock Holmes at 211b Baker Street. (It was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles that inspired the choice of font for the Marylebone House logo!)

4) How often do you publish new books?

We happen to be publishing 9 titles in 2016, but some years it may be 6, some 10. We care about quality above all.

5) Do you handle film and television rights?

Yes, we’re happy to hear from companies interested in adapting our titles for film or TV.

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