‘Quick-witted . . . nice, tight plot.’ - New York Times Book Review 

‘[Kate Charles’s] love certainly does not blind her to the failing of church members . . . betrayal of trust, malicious gossip, petty thievery and blackmail; but the author’s delicious sense of humour and compassion make this a narrative that is far from depressing.’ - Church Times

‘All is answered with Charles’s consummate skill. This is another satisfying and first-rate novel from her pen.’ - Pen and Dagger

"Peaceful" is the most common entry in the visitors book of fifteenth-century St Michael's Church, with its glorious angel roof and its medieval Doom painting. But away from the church, and beneath the idyllic veneer, the tiny Norfolk village of Walston is anything but harmonious.

The rector's new bride, Becca Thorncroft, is receiving phone calls so unpleasant that her very sanity is at stake; and the newest residents of Walston, Gillian English and Lou Sutherland, are not exactly welcomed with open arms. Then sudden, gruesome death shatters any remaining semblance of serenity.

Fortunately for Father Stephen Thorncroft, he is able to enlist the help of his friends Lucy Kingsley and David Middleton-Brown to unravel the tangled relationships and uncover the dark motivations of the villagers. As the investigation proceeds, they stumble on more than they'd bargained for. But it is not until a little girl goes missing that the final, deadly pieces fall into place in the search for the 'evil angels among them.'